1099 Filing

Full Service 1099 Filing

Send your 1099 data to us for streamlined processing

Completing your 1099 filing by the January 31 deadline can create a flurry of paperwork and stress. Enjoy a calmer beginning to your year by using full service 1099 filing at Gehman Accounting.

Submit a simple list of your 1099 data to our office, and you can turn your focus to more rewarding work. Because we file your federal forms electronically, you can be sure the IRS will receive accurate information on time.

Integrity is the foundational difference in our tax service. Our tax professionals are committed to doing what’s right and giving ethical advice in every situation.

How Full Service 1099 Filing Works for You

What We Do For You

  • File Forms – We file your IRS and state forms.
  • Mail Copies – We mail 1099 copies to you and your recipients.

What You Do

  • Ask Questions – We’ll explain any 1099 regulations you need help applying.
  • Send Data – You send us your data or copy of QuickBooks.

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