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you have big decisions to make. Don’t make them alone.

Most small business owners struggle to understand what their numbers are telling them. We create easy-to-read reports and explain them to you so you can make confident decisions in an uncertain economy.

Guessing your way toward business success is seldom fruitful. Understanding your exact overhead and your true job cost may be elusive. The business advisors at Gehman Accounting are here to support you with honest feedback and factual data that can help you know your true financial position.

Through a systematic approach, your advisor will walk with you on your journey to realizing your true job cost and gaining financial stability toward growth.

Our Process


Step 1

In the discovery phase, your advisor will interview you to get to know your business. They will ask many questions to understand your business, values, and goals.


Step 2

A personalized Business Analytics Report will be compiled. Your report will include monthly, quarterly, and yearly profit and loss statements, overhead and profit graphs, and details covering sales, the cost of goods, and fixed expenses. All of these elements can help you understand your financial position, empower growth and inspire confidence.


Step 3

You are not alone in your business. Your business advisor will meet monthly to guide and provide accountability toward setting financial goals and put you on a course to greater profitability. Your advisor also will act as a sounding board for your thoughts, ideas, and aspirations.

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We are professionals with experience in a wide variety of industries.

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No State Too Far

Since the Gehman Business Advisors mainly communicate with phone or video calls,
your location does not hinder you from building a relationship with a trusted
business advisor.

Business Advising Team

Gehman Business Advisors are equipped with real-world experience and expertise to help with your finances and business planning, while keeping you accountable along the way. They will walk with you on your journey towards understanding your numbers to gain financial control in your business.

Find out how you can take your business to the next level.

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