Gehman Accounting Knows Agriculture

The agriculture industry faces challenges almost daily. Change is the one constant that requires you to adapt or be left behind.

At Gehman Accounting, we get it. Few companies are as equipped to help you meet your challenges as we are. Our accounting and business advising professionals understand the agriculture industry and recognize your hardworking values.

For decades, Gehman Accounting has served the agricultural community. Our team is knowledgeable in all facets of farming:

  • dairy
  • crop farming
  • hogs
  • orchards
  • beef cattle
  • greenhouses
  • poultry
  • and more

We know agricultural challenges can vary yearly, and we’ll work with you to make the most of whatever happens.


Benefit from a fluctuating income

Gehman tax professionals have experience using tax strategies that work to your advantage. With a comprehensive knowledge of income averaging, child tax credits, and depreciation, we can help you redistribute your profits and losses over several years to save you thousands of dollars in taxes potentially.

Gehman Accounting is committed to a high standard of ethics and morals.

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