Gehman Accounting History

More than 40 Years of Gehman Accounting History

Gehman Accounting has served the community since 1974, when founder Daniel Gehman began providing income tax services from his home in New Holland, Pennsylvania. Since then, Gehman Accounting has served the Anabaptist community of Lancaster County and now, throughout the United States, with quality accounting and business services.

Over years, as others have presided over the company, including Earl Hostetter, Eric Dumbach, Craig Peters, and Nathan Siegrist (since 2008), our commitment remains the same.

Since its founding, the company has experienced unprecedented growth and change. Business services have evolved to include bookkeeping, payroll, business advising and tax preparation and planning, using the latest accounting software.

President and CEO Nathan Siegrist inspires confidence by empowering those in his company through the principles of honesty, integrity, trust, and grace, with each other and with the clients they serve.

Now with more than 60 employees, Gehman Accounting is positioned to help your business grow. At the heart of what we do is our exceptional desire to serve others and to be good stewards of resources, financial productivity, and success.

Gehman Accounting History Timeline

1974 - 2022


Gehman Accounting was founded in 1974 by Daniel Gehman, who began providing tax services from his home on North Shirk Road.


Nathan Siegrist started his own tax practice in Mifflinburg, PA, and named it Provident Tax Accounting.


Gehman Accounting and Provident Tax Accounting merged, keeping the name of Gehman Accounting.


When the opportunity came to move to a more expansive office building, the main office in New Holland, PA moved to the current Diller Avenue location.


To better reflect the range of services and benefits we provide to our clients, Gehman Accounting rebranded – with a new website, tagline and logo – and our Bottom Line Mentoring division was updated to Gehman Business Advisors.

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