Upcoming Events

Shed Builders

Shed Builder Expo

Location: Knoxville Convention Center - Booth 210 

Date: September 27-28, 2023 - Wed. 10 am to 5 pm, Thurs. 10 am to 2 pm

This is a great event for shed builders who would like to take their business to the next level. There are lots of vendors who have very helpful info. 

  • Talk to our business advisors in person about how they can help your business. 
  • Visit other shed builders and learn from them.

Seminar Presentations 

  • Profitable Job Costing - Ken Nisly - Sept 27, 8 am 
    • Learn how every job contributes to or subtracts from your profit.
    • How to apply overhead correctly
    • How positive thinking affects your business negatively 
    • What happens if you do not take the time to Job Cost?
    • How much profit per hour should you make?
  • Workforce Strategies - John Zook - Sept 27, 9 am
    • Attract, retain, and motivate employees
    • Company Culture
    • Percentage base pay vs. hourly pay.
    • Incentive Pay Plan
Eastool 2022

Eastool Expo

Location: Solanco Fair Grounds, Quarryville, PA - Building 8; Booths 807-809

Date: September 29-30, 2023 - Fri. 10 am to 7 pm; Sat. 7:30 am to 2 pm

Stop by our booth to visit with some of our team members. We would love to chat with you! 
  • Delicious cider and hot coffee await!
  • Start your journey to higher profitability, improved efficiencies, and smoother operations.
  • Our Job Coster tool is a perfect fit for your next step to leaner estimating on your construction projects.
  • Our teams are ready to help you with your tax, bookkeeping, and payroll processes.

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