always on top of things

"I’ve used Gehman for payroll, tax preparation, and bookkeeping. What I like about them is that they are always on top of things that need to be done. We work with them and they work with us. I call and ask questions, and they always have the answers."

Nolt's Excavating Services, LLC

Like Clockwork

“Direct deposit has really worked out well. It’s been like clockwork. We just send them the info, they process it, and we enter the information in our system. Direct deposit was very quickly embraced by our employees.”

Oakwood Industries

I know where my business is

“I bought QuickBooks and thought I would just figure it out. I watched YouTube videos and tutorials and read books, but I never had the time to really learn it. To get by I was using a bunch of spreadsheets. When I finally went to Gehman Accounting for help, I had a thousand questions. After they helped me get QuickBooks set up and Tristan guided me through, I became more comfortable. Now with QuickBooks, I know where my business is at any given time. It has helped me a lot with job costing and quoting.”

their services have paid for themselves

“Before getting help with QuickBooks from Gehman Accounting, my accounting numbers were unorganized, confusing, and had multiple discrepancies. After getting the Gehman team’s expertise involved, my accounts are now accurate, and I can generate reports that let me know where my business is going. I highly recommend them because their services have paid for themselves.”

Emblazon, LLC

Stress-free Payroll

"With Gehman Accounting I know things are handled, and I stay pretty much stress-free. If I have a question or an issue, I give them a call and they take care of it.”

Musselman's Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC

Gehman Accounting has my back!

“Gehman Accounting has my back! I simply don’t have to worry about my payroll. It comes priority mail and my employees love it.”

Mountainside Interiors 

intuitive insight

"Gehman Accounting has provided us with intuitive insight into our business numbers. They process the complexities and return a powerful summary to us on a scheduled basis. This allows us to focus on running and enjoying our business simultaneously."

Yoder’s Country Store

Gehman gives us confidence

“Nate meets with us on a regular basis and has advised us on everything from capital expenditures to understanding our overhead, to the pricing of our products. Gehman Accounting has given us confidence.”

Oakwood Industries

the guidance we needed

"I was at a loss. I didn’t understand overhead and pricing. Gehman Accounting gave us the guidance we needed. My business advisor was able to come up with a quoting spreadsheet. I don’t have to figure anything out. All we do now is plug in the numbers, and we get an accurate quote to give to our customers."

Miller Monuments

Streamlined Services

"Gehman has been huge for us. Before them, we had another service that I wasn’t happy with. We were unsure of ourselves. At Gehman, they are just more streamlined in their services. At first, I thought they were a little expensive, but after a while, I realized I would probably have to hire a secretary to do everything they do for us."

Now I know exactly where my business stands

"At first, I was hesitant to let people see my numbers and have a 2-hour meeting every month. I thought we were doing okay, but as it turned out, we really weren’t. Seeing the graphs and other visuals in their analytics report really brought it home that we were not covering our costs. Now I know exactly where my business stands. Since we now know our real costs, our numbers have definitely improved."

Twin Valley Farm Service

Gehman Sells Hope

“Into our fourth year of doing business, we struggled to make ends meet, and I knew there needed to be a change. I knew I could build cabinets pretty well, but the financial part was a jumbled mess. My advisor helped me realize I wasn’t priced to meet my salary requirements and expenses. It was great to have Steve there to guide and encourage me along the way. My bottom line was compensated for the investment made. Gehman sells hope."

easy-to-understand Explanations

“I think of my tax accountant, Jay Martin, as more of a teacher than an accountant. I call him when I have questions, and he explains things to me in easy-to-understand terms. I take his advice to heart. He has taught me how to think of things from a financial perspective and has shared some pitfalls that others have experienced so that I don’t make the same mistakes. When I meet with Jay, he takes me through the small pieces like my depreciation schedule to help me lower my tax liabilities. Jay is first class! I am constantly surprised by how accessible he is to me with all his responsibilities.”

high standard of ethics and morals

“Taxes hurt my head. The less I have to do with them, the better. Our accountant is straightforward and knows me well enough to tell me what’s on the horizon. He answers my questions so I can make prudent decisions. I treasure my relationship with my accountant. Gehman Accounting treats people like people instead of like numbers. The people at Gehman Accounting are committed to a high standard of ethics and morals. I partner with Gehman because I know they will be good stewards of my funds so that I can be a good steward and invest in Christ’s kingdom."


Knowledgable and Proactive

"Kurt Smock really helped us with our taxes when I moved from Canada to the U.S. He assisted me with getting all the right forms and paperwork. Now he is helping me avoid paying a big tax bill for my sole proprietorship at the end of the year because he set me up to file estimated state and federal taxes.”

Gehman goes above and beyond to fix problems

Having dealt with many individuals at Gehman Accounting, they all seem to be positive people always looking towards solutions. Gehman Accounting takes work off my plate so that I can work on my business rather than in my business. I am daily kept up to date so that I always know where I am at. Gehman goes above and beyond to fix problems.

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