Simple, Straightforward, and Stress-Free

Focus on your passion without the stress of paperwork

Making good decisions for your business is easier with accurate numbers. Your company has a distinct advantage with bookkeeping from Gehman Accounting. Our team approach gives your business honest and plain-spoken insights and answers from a broader perspective.

Time is a premium, especially for small business owners. Even if you excel at bookkeeping, many other priorities compete for your attention. By outsourcing your bookkeeping, you save time and have the peace of mind that top-notch professionals will do your books accurately and timely.

Two Bookkeeping Packages

We’re here for you with weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly bookkeeping services.

Send ledgers and statements
Data entry and reconciling
Monthly reports
1099 vendor tracking
Uncleared transaction alerts
Tax-ready financials
Online access to accounts
Bill pay
Customized service
Weekly or Bi-weekly


Additional Options
Sales tax tracking
Inventory adjustments
1099 Filing
Accounts Payable
Job costing
Accounts Receivable
Class tracking


bookkeeping sample reports

Check out our Sample Reports

  • Balance Sheet
  • Profit & Loss Statement
  • Income & Expense Summary
  • Profit & Loss by Job

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Find out how you can take your business to the next level.

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Bookkeeping Team

Bookkeeping FAQs

How do I get my records to your bookkeeping team?

You can send your documents by mail, fax, email, or drop them off at our office. We also use an online software called Dext that can be used via email or mobile app.

What will it cost?

We have different levels of service and all are customized to fit your needs.

Does it include business advising?

No. But it does provide you with accurate financial reports. Bookkeeping provides a foundation for the business advising team.

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Can an amateur understand the reports?

Our standard reports are basic, and we will assist you in learning how to read and understand them. We also provide custom reports.

Will I lose touch with my financial activities if you do the bookkeeping?

Absolutely not. We are not business managers.  We will ask when we have questions or are missing details. We will also make suggestions to simplify things. You will always be in the know.

How do I know if I should outsource my bookkeeping?

If you don't enjoy paperwork or have internal resources, you should consider outsourcing. Our career bookkeepers offer expert service and experience.


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