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Your Accounting Subcontractor

Running a construction company efficiently is a high priority. To complete jobs on time and on budget, you may have used qualified subcontractors. Think of Gehman Accounting as your accounting subcontractor.

Our team delivers stress free and seamless tax advising and preparation to keep your bookkeeping and payroll on schedule. As you expect your jobs to be on schedule and on budget, you can expect the same level of service from Gehman Accounting.

Rely on us

At Gehman Accounting, you get a team of experts who have years of experience working with construction companies. We can provide you with a full range of tax and accounting services you can focus on your trade.   

How we can help?

With Gehman Accounting, you can:

  • Ensure multi-state compliance for tax and payroll
  • Get help with job costing
  • Track your jobs’ profitability in QuickBooks
  • Have payroll processed for a prevailing wage project
  • Develop an employee handbook
  • Improve your profitability

Let's talk! Find out how we can help you with a no cost, initial consultation today.

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